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Pueblo Vista music is an eloquent amalgamation of carefully curated, relaxing and soothing beats.
Yearmix 2023 🎆

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Spring Breeze 春風 🍃

Chill Lo-Fi Beats Mix

Rainy nights 雨の夜 🌧️☔

Lofi Chill Beats Mix

Cherry Blossoms 桜 🌸

Lofi Chill Beats

At the seaside 海辺で 🐚

Lofi Instrumental Beats

Afterglow 残照 🌠

Lofi & Chill Beats

I'm tired 疲れた 🚬

Chill Lofi Beats

Wednesday Vibes ☕

Lofi Beats Mix

Lazy Sunday 👒 怠惰な...

Chill Lofi Beats

Midnight Sky 🌝 真夜中...

Lofi Focus Mix

Rainy afternoon ☔ 雨...

Lo-Fi Beats Mix

Falling asleep 😻 寝落ち

Relaxing Lo-Fi Mix

Snow ❄️ 雪

Chill Winter Music Mix

Take a rest 🦊

Chill Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Yearmix 2022 🎆

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

A cozy winter dream ❄️

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

From my balcony 🪁

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Reading together 📖

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Sunset Clouds 🌤️

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

Under the stars ⭐

Lofi Hip Hop Mix

I have been doing mixtapes for as long as I can remember; 15+ years minimum. Back in the good old days of analog DJing, a dj mix could only be recorded live. God knows how many takes I had to do before achieving perfection.

Lo-Fi Pueblo Vista mixtapes though, thats something entirely different. There might not be “real” mixing involved, however the mood is key. That’s where harmonic sequencing comes in handy. You can google that.

The sound of Pueblo Vista is an eloquent amalgamation of carefully curated, relaxing and soothing vibes. Perfect for background music, study, relaxation, chill, sleep or that cozy morning coffee.

Keeping everything in it’s purest form. The emphasis on tone and atmosphere, over traditional musical structures. Rhythmic forms, over net composition.

Minimalist beats and vocals, over repetition and melody. It’s warm, it’s alive, it’s relaxed, it’s an escape, it’s a walk in the woods and a deep breath at the ocean. At once epic and intimate.