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Morning Coffee ☕ [ Lofi Hip Hop Mix ] #04

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Morning Coffee ☕

Lofi Hip Hop Mix #04

  • 00:00 Zuper – daily routine
  • 02:11 Foshou – Born Again
  • 04:14 Axian X J’san – Autumn Leaves
  • 05:55 Philanthrope X Kupla – Cycles
  • 08:36 Aso – Soul Vibe
  • 12:22 TESK – TWRK
  • 14:48 Monma – Cruise Control
  • 17:30 Bhonstro – POV
  • 19:55 L’indecis – Le Sud
  • 22:56 KA-YU – Flowers
  • 24:56 ocean jams x Guru Griff – Steezin’
  • 27:27 Mvzonik – green rain
  • 30:05 tomcbumpz – gone
  • 32:08 badsummer – floating
  • 34:06 The Deli – Tyner
  • 36:30 CHADY – flow
  • 38:38 Aso – Now Will Always Be
  • 42:32 leavv – within
  • 45:11 kuma – hugs
  • 48:13 The Xtraordinair$ – Look Towards The Sky
About the Mixtape

As the morning sun streams through the windows, casting a gentle glow upon my living room, I settle into my favorite spot, cradling a warm cup of my morning coffee in my hands. The aroma of freshly brewed beans fills the air, awakening my senses and preparing me for the day ahead.

With each sip of morning coffee, the rich flavor dances upon my tongue, invigorating me from within. Accompanying this morning ritual is the soothing embrace of lofi hip hop beats, playing softly in the background. The melodic tunes create a peaceful ambiance, seamlessly blending with the comforting embrace of the coffee.

The gentle beats create a rhythmic harmony that resonates within me, easing any lingering traces of sleepiness and gently guiding my thoughts into focus. In this tranquil moment, enveloped by the melody and warmth, I find a sense of calm and clarity, ready to embrace the day that lies before me.

Let me wake up next to you, have coffee in the morning and wander through the city with your hand in mine, and I’ll be happy for the rest of my fucked up little life.

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When it comes to Lo-Fi mixtapes , there might not be “real” mixing involved, however the mood is key. That’s where harmonic sequencing comes in handy.
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