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In the stillness of the dawn, a mysterious enchantment descends upon the rural Japanese setting, veiling the landscape in a delicate cloak of morning mist. The air is cool and tranquil, as wisps of fog meander through ancient forests and rice fields.

The soft glow of lanterns casts an ethereal aura, illuminating the path ahead. In this mystical ambiance, the world takes on a hushed and otherworldly beauty. Shadows dance, and the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary.

The morning mist, like a silent artist, blurs the boundaries between reality and dreams, creating a sense of intrigue and wonder. It is a time when ancient spirits are said to stir, and the veil between the seen and the unseen grows thin. As I venture through this mystical realm, I am captivated by the subtle whispers of nature and the palpable sense of tranquility that the midnight mist brings.

Music is a proud, temperamental mistress. Give her the time and attention she deserves, and she is yours. Slight her and there will come a day when you call and she will not answer. So I began sleeping less to give her the time she needed.

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