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Snow in beautiful Bergeralm Ski Resort

Location: Bergerlam

In my 7 years in Innsbruck, the first winter that I thought hard and cold, was the one from 2017-18 season. Temperature dropped to -18 Celsius in the city, my car’s battery would stop working almost every day and smoking outside was becoming rather challenging (I am used to it now tho). What also was (and still is) challenging, is taking winter photos.

All this white snow is really disorienting me. However, it forces me to work harder on my composition and cropping approaches. I barely watch tutorials and “master-classes” about photography, so the process always lasts longer. Nevertheless, this is the way I taught myself how to “learn” stuff, so…

One pro Tip I can share with everybody is that the best time to go up a mountain (in winter or summer) is during the week. Of course if you have the luxury of time to do it. Weekends are usually open season and everyone (literally everyone) is doing something outdoors; I live in Tirol, Austria and we’re pretty sporty up here. So unless you want to spend hours of “brushing” out people from your photos on Photoshop or Lightroom (gotta keep it GDPR), go up the mountain on a Wednesday.

About the Location

So… the location is Bergerlam (as I mentioned in the title of this post), which is one of the most known Ski centers near Innsbruck. It’s located in Steinach am Brenner, like 30-35 minutes away by car. What’s good about this ski area, is that the slope is almost always in the shadow so the snow is always good. In addition to that, Bergeralm has one of the litty-est Naturerodelbahns (natural sled tracks). I’m just gonna say this: it has 4 tunnels. #fuckyeah

Family-friendly yet challenging enough for experienced skiers, the Bergeralm ski resort above Steinach am Brenner is the proof that good things really do come in small packages. This resort close to the Austrian-Italian border is also known as a hotspot for snowkiting.

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