SR007 : Lofi release strategies, fast label simping, solo releases and mixing

Today we talk about (extensively) lofi release strategies, formats and best practices. What is a successful release and how do YOU measure success? EPs and LPs vs a plethora of singles. Why do producers simp to known labels in the scene and why you should release solo (more often than you think).

We share our own personal experiences on that. For some reason DJ Khaled was brought up in the chat and Paul went off the rails roasting him, while Aaron watched helplessly, thinking he will never have chance to work with one fo the greatest out there. Then they both fan-girled about Tyler the Creator. Briefly touch on mixing / mastering and more personal anecdotes.

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The Sunday Roast Podcast, is a discussion that takes place live on Instagram and evolves about lofi hip hop and other topics. Then  the podcast spills over to the other platforms. Mild profanity, call-outs, facts, rumors and critique with a dash of insider info and industry pro-tips. It’s casual banter, but honest.