011 : The Great Lo-Fi Purge, Pre-saves, NFTs and royalty splits​

Well would you look at that. The boys are back in town, with a vengence and the usual conviction to get to the bottom of everything. We start off in the new year with audio problems (as usual, because why not?) and continuing with gaming experience, the GREAT LOFI PURGE and what that entails and Pre-saves and fanlinks.

We love our chat on Instagram so we WILL take on your questions, and we did. That NFT segment was only scratching the tip of the iceberg, we will get back to it in the next episodes – seems that the Lofi world has high expectations already. We also talked about royalty splits and who’s doing what – and maybe – what they should be doing. Oh, this time Aaron talked more. Fuck yo life, BING BONG!

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The Sunday Roast Podcast, is a discussion that takes place live on Instagram and evolves about lofi hip hop and other topics. Then  the podcast spills over to the other platforms. Mild profanity, call-outs, facts, rumors and critique with a dash of insider info and industry pro-tips. It’s casual banter, but honest.