SR015 : Epic Games acquires Bandcamp and Lofi Hip Hop Purge updates

We honestly thought that we would run out of material after 4 episodes. Guess not. The Lofi hip hop and instrumental chill beats genre (and it’s community) is the gift that keeps on giving. We love covering news, updates, a little bit of drama and gossip but above all (as of late) predictions.

On our first episode of 2022, we predicted the “Great Lofi Purge”. Well you can call us Lofi Nostradamus-es. We also provide you with a bunch of unhealthy fitness tips; a dog & cat dad and a demon dad share.

Epic Games got in bed with Bandcamp and we decided to discuss the pros and cons and make a few jokes about it. Wrapping it all up in the end, we talk about choices and how much of a (bene)factor, risk is. This is our longest episode to date, so we hope you enjoy it.

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