017 : Fake Spotify artists, How to (not) be delusional and recoupable royalties

In this episode we talk about how the circumstances of the industry, the genre and the community we’re in is making artists and producers delusional. Setting unrealistic goals, assuming too much, believing that the minimum amount of effort deserves the maximum reward and earning respect simply by demanding it. The “fake Spotify artists” issue has resurfaced and even more outlets are reporting about it – one can literally do that with a 5′ minute search on Spotify and maybe an hours worth of reading. Listen to us, read some articles up and make up your own mind. Along with fake artists, come fake contracts or should we say “I-wish-this-was-a-fake-contract”. The Lofi Fruits business model of recoupable royalties never really went away, it only got a new set of clothes.

This episode we hyped a bit more than usual, definitely several being affected and motivated by a few things that happened the past weeks. While diving into a couple of subjects, we discovered a few more and I guess we kinda did some “investigating” before we just dive into this.

Sometimes it feels like a dream, to know that we have been doing this methodically every two weeks! Sure maybe we missed a week or two here and there, but it was for a good reason.

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The Sunday Roast Podcast, is a discussion that takes place live on Instagram and evolves about lofi hip hop and other topics. Then  the podcast spills over to the other platforms. Mild profanity, call-outs, facts, rumors and critique with a dash of insider info and industry pro-tips. It’s casual banter, but honest.