018 : How to NOT pick your artist alias, audio issues, general advice and goals

Do you recall Paul’s eternal struggle with audio quality and how that man went through countless Amazon orders (and returns) of cables, adapters, Instagram live restarts…

Well he’s back at it again, this time changing his microphone settings halfway through the episode. A few hours later in post, he manages to “somehow” level up the levels. Oh well…

We also talked about other stuff, sadly there wasn’t any juicy content these past couple of weeks. This won’t stop us filling out yet another 2 hours of content. We just let our personalities shine. If you stick to the end, you’ll be rewarded with some edgy jokes too. Yikes!

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The Sunday Roast Podcast, is a discussion that takes place live on Instagram and evolves about lofi hip hop and other topics. Then  the podcast spills over to the other platforms. Mild profanity, call-outs, facts, rumors and critique with a dash of insider info and industry pro-tips. It’s casual banter, but honest.