Back in 2011 I left my home country Greece and pursued my luck abroad. The journey through made me realize a lot of things about myself; I kinda found me. 

There was a solution for all of my problems and even though I didn’t like it all the time, I went along with it. It was only a matter of time. Like with everything in life (and death).

Going places always made me think. Especially when it involves a long drive with the car. Seeing the landscape change and driving through cities and towns is very intriguing. 

How old are these places? What kind of people live there? What would it be to grow up here? What-ifs that will remain unanswered.

In recent years, the story-telling evolved and I began using other mediums too. Music for once and a podcast; quite nichey but there’s a lot of stories told in those bi-weekly 2 hours.

These posts here are stories that transcend time and hopefully can broaden someone’s horizon as much as they did mine.