The majestic city of Innsbruck

Tyrol, Austria

A little while ago – and for the first time in my seven years in Innsbruck – I bought a Freizeit ticket. This ticket costs 488,- Euros and provides you with unlimited use of the mountain lifts (among other things) around  the city of Innsbruck. Suffice to say, if you’re into ski and snowboard this is definitely worth it. 

For someone like me though, that’s a whole different thing. I see photo opportunities. Especially on a day with such wonderful weather. And without further a due…

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Despite my profound discomfort towards winter sports (except sledding / tobogganing), I am quite fond of snow. Or let’s say that I have adopted the idea that winters in the Alps are much different from the Mediterranean area down south. The snow covers everything like a white vale and landscapes tend to be much more calmer and contrast-y. Especially with a blue sky. Unfortunately that day, the only blue was on my bluejeans. 

It literally takes you 20 minutes to go up the mountain range of Nordkette. First station is the Hungerburg and from there the lift to Seegrube and Hafelekar (the very top). Would strongly recommend to be careful of the strong wind and the difference in temperature up there.