Sunday Roast 008​

Working with major labels and learning Hindi

In this episode, we talk about working with Major labels; what you should know, what you should avoid and what you should go for relentlessly. All this comes from a place of experience since I (Paul) was working with UMG Austria for a year.

Quantity over quality; do you release once every blue moon or you want to release one single every 3-4 days? What about albums and EPs (more than 4-5 tracks per release)? All you need to know about how to approach this “delicate” matter carefully.

How to make super quick cash with your LO-Fi Beats, label merchandise and an extensive guide to Hindi bad words.

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The Sunday Roast podcast, is a discussion that takes place live on Instagram (atm) and evolves about lofi hip hop and other topics. The podcast spills over to other platforms too. Mild profanity, call-outs, facts, rumors and critique with a dash of insider info and industry pro-tips. It’s casual banter, but honest af.