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The magical lake of Piburg

Location: Tyrol, Austria

As I mentioned in the past, I am not a major fan of snow. Especially combining snow with photography. It’s too cold and I lack the patience and stamina to withstand the element. I guess that’s why I won’t quite make it as an arctic photographer or ever get a call from NatGeo.

There is an old wooden structure on one side of the lake that I always thought it was some private fishing cabin or whatever. It’s actually a scientific facility of Limnology.

About the Location

The Piburgersee, the scenic treasure above Ötz was initially formed by a rockslide after the last ice age. The archaic forest growing around the boulders of the rockslide and the idyllic lake with a panorama of the peaks around the Acherkogel makes this area truly spectacular, which is why it has been designated as a nature reserve since 1929.


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