Lonely Days

A Lo-Fi Hip Hop Mixtape

On your train trip to Tokyo try to be like a train; go in the rain, go in the sun, go in the storm, go in the dark tunnels! Be like a train; concentrate on your road and go with no hesitation! Beats by mell-ø, eugenio izzi, ihavafave, sebastian kamae, bertholet, imfinenow, LIVW, miilano, lofty, plusma, Ridhorules, Galactic Broccoli and many more.

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Life is like a train station, people come and go all the time, but the ones that wait for the train with you are the ones that are worth keeping in it.

Sometimes you’re the train, sometimes you’re the track.

I like trains. I like their rhythm and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places, all anxieties of purpose taken care of. 

For this moment I know where I am going.