Visual vibes only.

In my creative quest through this life, I’ve been through most of the visual arts. Photography, graphic design, illustration, videography and even a bit of motion graphics. Here’s most of these visual vibes. 

When it comes to Photography, I am what you call a professional amateur. Professional because I have earned money with it and because I approach it with a specific mindset. Amateur simply because it’s something more than an expensive hobby. I also know how to fly DJI drones.

When it comes to Design, I’m what you call a Communications Designer. I can plan and (for the most part) flesh out a brand. Design is that thing you think you know how, but you actually don’t. It’s definitely not for everybody. There are many levels and even more applications of it. Not the buzzwords, but actual works. 

When it comes to Motion… pictures, well I’ve brushed shoulders with it. I know how to shoot, edit and provide a commercially polished product. I’ve made my hiking vlogs, I’ve gotten a few good gigs, didn’t get any complaints. I will still help out friends when they ask me. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Pueblo Vista DID start off as visual brand (2014), to provide a home for my visual endeavors. A few years after that, the musical aspect was developed (2018).

The rest of Pueblo Vista story you can find in this page, as well as on multiple streaming platforms and social media profiles.